Development Land Promotion

Councils throughout England and Wales are currently in the process of identifying land, often referred to as "call for sites", that will be designated for future development as part of their new Local Plan. There is a way that your land could be earmarked for future land development under these new Council policies now being prepared.

We not only know the planning system, but we also have specialist knowledge and up to date experience in dealing with policies relating to land development.

With our local authority background, we are able to represent your interests using our insight of how the system works and the complex Local Plan terminology and procedures. We also know how other planners think and are able to identify the planning merits of your particular land and thus put your case in a professional and persuasive way.

Crucially we know when it is the right time to put forward your land, which varies between different councils.

We would present your case for your land to be included in the Council's allocation of land for specific uses in their Local Plans. When that is achieved a planning application should then succeed because crucially the principle of development on the land has already been established.