Wheatman Planning Ltd provides advice to commercial and residential property developers on the approach that best realises the optimum development potential of a site, whether through the submission of a planning application or the (longer term) local development framework route.

If you would like to know whether land or buildings have development potential, a Planning Appraisal is how to find out. It will inform you whether planning permission is likely to be obtainable and the most appropriate course of action to take.

We provide a free initial assessment. With our considerable previous experience in local authority planning departments and, as consultants, we can advise on the development potential of land and buildings. If you have a development project in mind, we can provide guidance on the chances of success in the planning process.

The planning history - research the Council's relevant records to establish the development that has been proposed, accepted and refused in the past on the site, and where appropriate, the adjacent land.

Research Local Plan policies - to establish the considerations and likely constraints to be considered.

Identify national guidance - and other material considerations which will influence whether a planning application is likely to succeed.